Why Do Some Valencia Oranges Turn Green?

Why Do Some Valencia Oranges Turn Green?Did you know that Florida oranges will not overripen if they are left on the tree? This happy fact of nature ensures that every delicious Florida Valencia orange you receive from FloridaOrange.com is picked at the peak of ripeness. But if Valencia oranges turn bright orange as they ripen on the tree and reach full maturity, why are some of the Valencias sold at local groceries a combination of orange and green?

What Florida citrus growers call “regreening” does not indicate unripe fruit. Rather, regreening is the fruit’s reaction to overly warm temperatures. Warm weather can force the skin of Valencia oranges to reabsorb chlorophyll, the pigment in plants that gives them their green color, causing ripe fruit to turn partially green. The reabsorption of chlorophyll may make Valencias look a little less appealing, but it does not affect the flavor or juiciness of fresh, ripe Florida Valencia oranges.

Florida Valencia oranges are America’s favorite juicing orange. The bulk of Florida’s Valencia crop is sold for domestic juice production. A single fresh-squeezed Valencia orange can produce as much as 2 ounces of juice. To obtain the maximum amount of juice from oranges (or any other citrus fruit), bring the fruit to room temperature before squeezing.